KEYS is a fundraising and advocacy effort dedicated to advancing the post-secondary options of young people with disabilities.

KEYS is spearheaded by parents, educators and other committed individuals who working to ensure that people with disabilities have increased opportunities and options for life long learning resulting in fulfilling and enriched lives.

Over 15 years, KEYS has:

  • Raised $405,00, awarded $338,750 in scholarships to 206 individual students;
  • Purchased tablets for time management, job skills development and class assignment completion, 30 students used in classroom for 3 years;
  • Purchased commercial grade copier and shredder for office skills instruction for 30 students; used in classrooms for 8 years;
  • Purchased culinary equipment for culinary instruction for 30 students, used in classrooms for 8 years;
  • Funded life & social skills Summer Institute instruction for 28 young adults & older teens with disabilities in 2017 and 32 young adults & older teens with disabilities in 2018;
  • Purchased commercial grade equipment for coffee shop product and customer service instruction as well as management of money and business instruction;
  • Endowed a scholarship for students with disabilities at Tallahassee Community College;
  • Worked with TCC to create the Eagle Connections Program for students with cognitive disabilities for collegiate, life skills and job skills instruction.
  • Purchased instructional supplies for the Adult & Community Ed Transition programs for the last approximately 7-8 years.

KEYS is a proud not-for-profit partner of the Foundation for Leon County Schools which serves as its fiscal agent. Visit the KEYS website for more information.

We could not be more proud of our KEYS Scholars, and we are grateful for the community support that allows these exceptional adults to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.