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It is a complete honor and pleasure to serve as the Chair of the Foundation for Leon County Schools.  As a public school kid myself (Gilchrist, Raa and Lincoln), I am relishing this full circle moment.

Everyone deserves their own cheerleader, especially our schools.  Strong Schools = Strong Communities (and strong economies!).  This organization has a long tradition of supporting our schools and the people that make them great!  We are #1 fans of Leon County’s Principals, Assistant Principals, Administrative Staff, Bus Drivers and all our Teachers and Students.

The Foundation is the extra boost our schools need to get to great.  Through a number of events, programs and the Innovative Teacher Grants, the Foundation directly impacts our community’s students in real time with the flexibility to pivot and meet the needs of our schools.

Last year when challenges arose due to the public health emergency, the Foundation quickly launched the “Internet for All” initiative that allowed FLCS to assist students who did not have access to the internet at their home.  Students without internet at home are at a serious disadvantage in normal settings and were increasingly more so when distance learning became necessary.  Leon County Schools provided Chromebooks for all students, the Foundation complemented these efforts by partnering with donors to ensure all students had reliable home internet.  We played a critical role in closing the “Digital Divide” in Leon County.

One of our most popular (and FUN!) annual events is “Principal for a Day.”  To raise awareness of the herculean efforts our Principals make day in and day out, community leaders are invited to shadow a Leon County School Principal (yup, you guessed it – for a day).  They get to see first-hand the myriad of challenges and opportunities a Principal navigates daily.  Join us this year (and bring your step tracker and comfy shoes because you won’t have a dull moment!)

Recognized by Charity Navigator with a 97 out of 100 rating through their Encompass Rating System you can feel even better about your support to this organization.  Supporting the Foundation means you are supporting more science projects, more immersive field trips, more advocacy for young people with disabilities and more awesomeness for Leon County.  Consider being a Golf Tournament and/or Soiree Sponsor or make an impact by being a Visionary with a monthly recurring donation.

Warm Regards,

Lily Etemadi Truesdell
Foundation for Leon County Schools
Board Chair

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