The Girl Flo Project seeks to promote period equity and make menstrual products more accessible to Leon County Schools students.

Created by James S. Rickards High School student Amaya Waymon

The project is twofold:

  1. Collection of donated menstrual products, or a donation of money by community members that will go towards the purchasing of menstrual products for girls in need. These products are for students to take home and who may not have reliable, consistent access to them due to financial circumstances or other hardships. According to a national study by the National Education Association, one in five teens said they have struggled to afford period products, or haven’t been able to purchase them at all. As a consequence, 84% say they’ve missed school or know someone else who has.
  2. Collection of monetary donations from community members and business sponsors to purchase menstrual product dispensers, menstrual products for the dispensers, and waste receptacles and bags for bathroom stalls. The dispensers will allow students to receive products in school bathrooms, or other designated areas free of charge. Currently, FLCS is assisting the district with purchasing these items which will be installed over the summer in the schools that opt in to this program. The tentative launch is August of 2021.

We’d like to thank our generous sponsors for their

donation that allowed us to purchase

40 dispensers, waste receptacles, and bags..