Innovative Teacher Grant

The Foundation for Leon County Schools (FLCS) was created to support K-12 resources that are not funded by tax dollars to our public schools. Business and community leaders serve on the Foundation Board of Directors which oversees Foundation programs and operations. To receive matching funds from the Consortium of Florida Education, the Foundation established the Innovative Teacher Grants program to enhance classroom instruction and recognize teachers for innovation and creativity.

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Who May Apply?

Because we want to impact as many students as possible, we ask that teachers work cooperatively in the application process. In other words, two or more teachers should develop a grant request. All Leon County public K-12 school teachers may apply. A school may submit no more than two applications per year.

What Are We Looking For?

We award grants based on projects that are substantive in content and have potential to make the greatest impact. The grant application must demonstrate instruction aligned with school and district goals, a measurable educational impact, and the ability to be duplicated for ongoing and future implementation.

What Programs Areas Are Allowed / Maximum Grant Amount?

Funds can be used in six programmatic:

  1. Increasing Graduation Rates
  2. Teaching Quality
  3. Literacy
  4. Low-Performing Students
  5. STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) Education
  6. Career/Technical Education

The maximum grant amount is $10,000.

Congratulations 2023 – 2024 Awardees

Chelsea Williams
Jennifer Metcalf
Michelle Prescott
Minor Bloodworth
Amon Rwito
Lynn Jones
David Rodriguez
Katherine Boutin
Brooke Brunner
Elizabeth Greiner
Jacob Dummeldinger
Randy Baez
Carmen Conner
Lisa Fernbach
Emily Bell

Conley, Killearn Lakes Springwood
Fort Braden School
All 4th Graders
Nims Middle School
Ruediger Elementary School
Swift Creek Middle School
Lincoln High School
Pre-K / Early Childhood Education
W.T. Moore Elementary School
Cobb Middle School
DeSoto Trail Elementary School
Pineview Elementary School
Roberts Elementary School
SAIL High School

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Funding for Innovative Teacher Grants is provided by the local community as well as the School District Education Foundation Matching Grant Program which is administered by the CFEF.